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A Historical and Economic Geography of Ottoman Greece: The Southwestern Morea in the 18th Century
By: Fariba Zarinebaf, John Bennet and Jack L. Davis

This book represents an innovative collaborative approach to the study of a particular region of the Ottoman empire, the southwestern Peloponnese (or Morea), Greece. It combines the study of unpublished Ottoman documents, other historical sources, and the results of diachronic archaeological fieldwork in an examination of the historical and economic geography of the Morea in the early 18th century, the period immediately following the Ottoman reconquest of this region from Venice. Central to the book is a translation of the section of an Ottoman cadastral survey (defter) listing in great detail properties in the district (kaza) of Anavarin (Navarino, modern Pylos). A CD-ROM with a facsimile of the document itself and color versions of all illustrations is included.

Hesperia suppl. 34, American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2005) ISBN: 0876615345

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