Taught Masters Courses

MA in Aegean Archaeology

The programme offers a series of specialist modules on the archaeology of the Aegean and neighbouring regions, situated within a sophisticated and intellectually demanding theoretical context that examines archaeology from first principles to reconsider the discipline's aims and methods and to evaluate its place in the contemporary world. To find out more about the course from the departmental web pages, please click on the link above.

Other Options

Aegean options are also available in other taught postgraduate courses. Please use the link above to find out more about Taught Masters Courses from the departmental web pages.


The department of Archaeology has custom designed laboratories, equipped to the highest standards, for research and teaching in environmental and bio-archaeology, and in archaeological materials. The department also has comparative collections that aid the the study of pollen, soils, molluscs, animal and human bones, seeds and other macro-plant remains.

Staff and students of the department have been utilising all of these areas of science-based investigation in research projects in Aegean archaeology. Many such projects are concerned with social and economic aspects of prehistoric and ancient Greece and link science-based investigations with methodology firmly based in archaeological theory. It is the inter-disciplinary mixing of theory, practice and analysis in a single centre that has given Sheffield its unique niche in Aegean archaeology.

Sheffield University Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology is a Research Centre in the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

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