Past Students with Aegean Topics

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NamePh.D TitleCompletion Date
Roberta MentesanaPottery production at Phaistos, Mesara from the Final Neolithic to Middle Minoan II2016
Will GilstrapCeramic production technology and exchange in the LHIIIB Period in the area of the Saronic Gulf, Greece2015
Giorgos KazantzisThe Zooarchaeology of the Late Neolithic in the Strymon (Struma) River Valley: the Case of the Greek Sector of Promachon-Topolnica2015
Ioanna MoutafiBioarchaeological analysis of the LH cemetery of Voudeni, Achaea: towards a holistic understanding of burial practices and their relationship to social structure 2015
Sarah FinlaysonA comparative study of the archaeology of writing in the Bronze Age Aegean2014
Heather GraybehlThe Production and Distribution of Hellenistic ceramics from the Northeast Peloponnese at the Panhellenic Sanctuary at Nemea: A Petrographic Study 2014
Rik VaessenCultural Dynamics in Ionia at the End of the Second Millennium BCE: New Archaeological Perspectives and Prospects2014
Robert WoodwardAn Architectural Investigation into the Relationship between Doric Temple Architecture and Identity in the Archaic and Classical Periods2013
Rebekah MaarschalkContinuity and Change: Identity in LM IIIC to Hellenistic East Crete2012
Angeliki KaragianniTime in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: Examining Temporality in Knossos and Pylos on the basis of the Linear B documents and the archaeological record2011
Kate LantzasBronze Age to Iron Age transition in the Argolid and Methana, Greece2011
Elizabeth SmithThe Village, the Island and the Notaries: An Archaeological, Ethnographic and Archive-Based Analysis of the Rural Landscape, 18th-20th Century Kythera, Greece2011
Simona TodaroThe Phaistos Hills Before the Palace: A Chronological and Functional Reassessment 2011
Vaso TzevelekidiDressing for dinner: Butchery and bone deposition at Late Neolithic Toumba Kremastis-Koiladas, Northern Greece 2011
Dimitrios VlachosCeramics from Makriyalos II, northern Greece2011
Katherine HarrellMilitary power and legitimacy in the Mycenaean period2010
Nerantzis NerantzisByzantine and Ottoman mineral exploration and smelting in Eastern Macedonia, Greece2010
Noémi MüllerTechnology of Bronze Age Cooking Vessels from Akrotiri2009
Mark PetersOf Princes and Peasants? A comparative approach to an understanding of social development, identity and dynamics in Mainland Greece, 1300-900 BC2009
Harriet WhiteProduction technology of Byzantine lead-glazed ware from Corinth2009
Christina TsorakiNeolithic society in Northern Greece - The evidence of ground stone assemblages2008
Demetrios KontogiorgosInvestigating site formation processes through geoarchaeological and microartifact analysis of archaeological sediments : the evidence from the Neolithic tell/extended site of Paliambela (Pieria region, Northern Greece)2007
Olympia PeperakiComplexity, power and "associations that matter" : rethinking social organisation in the Early Bronze Age 2 mainland Greece2007
Tim Campbell-GreenCemetery, ceramics and space : an analysis of the pottery assemblage from the Early Minoan cemetery of Moni Odiyitria, South Central Crete, with specific reference to its function2006
Despina CatapotiFrom power to paradigm: rethinking the emergence of the "palatial phenomenon" in Bronze Age Crete2006
Michalis CatapotisCopper smelting in the early Bronze Age southern Aegean: a technological and contextual analysis2004
Kristi DamilatiDealing with inequality in Early Bronze Age Crete2004
Eddy FaberMiddle Minoan Polychrome pottery: an integrated microstructural, geochemical and mineralogical investigation of its production technology and provenance2004
Michael LaneNames and numbers: an inquiry into scribal practice at Late Bronze Age Pylos in the south-western Peloponnese2004
Dionysia MarinouMiddle and late Bronze Age terracotta human figures and figurines from the Cyclades: usage and function2004
Maria RelakiSocial arenas in Minoan Crete: a regional history of the Mesara in south-central Crete from the Final Neolithic to the end of the Protopalatial period2004
Andrea VianelloAegean-type pottery in the west Mediterranean: its social and economic significance2004
Theodora GeorgousopoulouThe negotiation of identity in Middle Helladic Asine2003
Elissavet HitsiouProduction and circulation of the Late Neolithic pottery from Makrygialos (Phase II), Macedonia, Northern Greece2003
Eleni NodarouPottery production, distribution and consumption in early Minoan West Crete: an analytical perspective2003
Zissis ParrasThe biological affinities of the eastern Mediterranean in the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age: a regional dental non-metric approach2003
Georgios VavouranakisFunerary landscapes east of Lasithi, Crete, in the Bronze age2002
Caroline HallLeaf fodder management and woodland history in the Pindos Mountains, northwest Greece: a dendroecological study2001
Soultana-Maria ValamotiArchaeobotanical investigation of Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age agriculture and plant exploitation in Northern Greece2001
Athanasia KrahtopoulouLate Quaternary alluvial history of northern Pieria, Macedonia, Greece2000
Peter TomkinsThe production, circulation and consumption of ceramic vessels at Early Neolithic Knossos, Crete2000
Yannis PapadatosMortuary practices and their importance for the reconstruction of society and life in Prepalatial Crete: the evidence from Tholos Tomb Gamma in Archanes-Phourni1999
Patrick QuinnCeramic micropalaeontology: the analysis of microfossils in archaeological ceramics with special reference to its application in the southern Aegean1999
Sevasti TriantaphyllouA bioarchaeological approach to prehistoric cemetery populations from western and central Greek Macedonia1999
Alexios KarytinosMinoan pre-palatial sealstones in their economic and social context: a study based on the new material from Archanes-Phourni1997
Eva PanagiotakopuluStudies on insect synanthropy from the Eastern Mediterranean1996
Yannis HamilakisStrategies for survival and strategies for domination: wine, oil and "social complexity" in Bronze Age Crete1995

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