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Dr Gianna AyalaGianna Ayala is a geoarchaeologist actively researching the relationship between later prehistoric and early historic human societies and landscape change in Italy and Sicily. She has a particular interest in field survey methodologies and in land use systems of the
Professor John BennetJohn Bennet works on the archaeology of complex societies (particularly the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean) and on early writing and administrative systems (especially Mycenaean Linear B). He has extensive experience in regional field survey and a particular interest in the integration of material and textual evidence. In the context of multi-period survey projects in Greece, he has recently worked on Venetian and Ottoman archives. From 2015 to 2020 John is on secondment as Director of the British School at Athens.
Professor Keith BraniganKeith Branigan is an Emeritus Professor and the author of six books and dozens of papers on Aegean prehistory including The Foundations of Prepalatial Crete and Dancing With Death. His social interests are pre- and early palatial Crete, settlement history and craft production.
Professor Peter DayPeter Day has worked extensively on the production, exchange and consumption of Bronze Age ceramics in the southern Aegean and Mediterranean, with a particular focus on Crete and the Cyclades. His approach to the study of ceramics is founded on the integration of macro- and micro-scopic scales of analysis, informed by studies of contemporary potters and pottery
Dr Roger DoonanRoger Doonan has research interests in Aegean metals and craft production, as well as archaeological survey and geophysics. He also directs CONTACT -- Collections Networks for Archaeology and Classics Teaching, an FDTL-funded 3-year project whose aim is to innovate in material culture teaching and implement change in the
Professor Paul HalsteadPaul Halstead works on the Neolithic and Bronze Ages of Greece, with a specialisation in the analysis of archaeozoological remains as evidence for the management and consumption of animals. His approach to both archaeology and archaeozoology draws heavily on 'ethnoarchaeological' study of recent farmers and herders in Mediterreanean
Professor Caroline JacksonCaroline Jackson's research interests lie in the study of material culture and especially the study of archaeological glasses. Her research focuses on scientifically exploring the nature of glass technology, production and consumption and exploring their technology through the use of experimental archaeology in the field and in the
Professor Glynis JonesGlynis Jones has published numerous articles on ancient and 'traditional' agriculture in the Aegean. Her particular interests are ethnoarchaeology, early Aegean crop husbandry, and analysis of plant remains.
Dr Efthymia NikitaMarie Curie Fellow.
Dr Jane RempelJane Rempel has research interests under the broad categories of the archaeology of the north coast of the Black Sea and ancient Greek colonization, more specifically in territorial expansion and identity construction in the Bosporan kingdom. Other areas of interest include the Hellenistic east, landscape archaeology and funerary commemoration.
Dr Susan SherrattSusan Sherratt's research interests are in the Late Bronze and early Iron Age of the Aegean, Cyprus and the wider eastern Mediterranean and in all aspects of trade and interaction within and beyond these



Honorary Research Fellows (with links to – opens a new page)
NameResearch InterestsEmail address
Dr Emanuela AlbertiA former Marie-Curie IEF in the Department, Emanuela's research interests focus on the economy of ancient societies, from resource management within the landscape and the archaeology of production to household activities and trade and measurement systems. The area most involved is the Bronze Age Aegean, but also other periods and regions (costal Levant, Bronze Age Italy, Hellenistic Etruria, etc.).
Ms Deborah HarlanDeborah Harlan’s research interests lie in the historiography of Aegean archaeology utilising visual and textual archival material. She has also worked with John Bennet on Ottoman, Venetian and British (19th century) archives in the context of multi-period survey projects in
Dr Valasia IsaakidouValasia Isaakidou's research interests focus on the nature and socio-economic implications of early farming, methodological and theoretical aspects of prehistoric cuisine, ideological and ritual dimensions of animal product consumption. Since 2000, Valasia has been conducting ethnographic research on animal management and consumption in collaboration with Prof. Paul
Dr Mark PetersMark Peters' postdoctoral research topic is: A Mediterranean Bronze Age Communications Revolution? The Power of Mycenaean 'Networking'
Dr Maria RelakiMaria Relaki's research focuses on ancient technology, particularly ceramic production and consumption, seals and sealings in Bronze Age Crete and archaeological perspectives on regional analysis.
Dr Christina TsorakiChristina Tsoraki specialises in the study of ground stone technology and has worked as a ground stone specialist for various Neolithic and Bronze Age projects in mainland Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Turkey. Her research interests focus on the archaeology of daily practice, theory and material culture, cross-craft interaction, social and technological networks, physical and mechanical properties of rocks and their

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